Colored Collextion is not just about Skittles. Its about bringing everyone together to see the sweetness of life.

~Harold Caudio

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Harold Caudio

I attribute most of my influence from being 1st generation Haitian-American in a dynamically cultured yet limited environment.

Xxxtentacion Foundation

Officially teamed up with 2 more foundations I stand behind! Proceeds from show will aid:Xxxtentacion foundation

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Waco Theater Colab

Just when we thought the deal couldn't get any sweeter I got the call! The Welp... just got off the phone with the last special person.... officially partnered with Ms. Tina Knowles (Beyoncé mom) with the aim to raise proceeds to support WACO Theater Center

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The Vision

Every weekend I lock myself in rooms with ocean views and just do my art for this exhibition... I’m certain I know how each paint color smell and can smell skittles from down the street! So far I’ll have 12 new never seen before skittles art in addition to the pieces most of you already seen. Hope EVERYONE can make it and see this in person!! The Colored Collextion

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