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Colored ColleXtion: A Solo Exhibit By Harold Caudio in Wynwood, Fla.

Palm Beach native will demonstrate versatility, skill and overall fascinatingly unsettling works in creative and colorful displays

Miami, Fla.Recent recipient of the Jean-Michel Basquiat Award, Harold Caudio, announce details of his first solo exhibition featuring his complex compilation of familiar icons and visual hybrids using Skittles candies as a medium. The "Colored ColleXtion" will be revealed on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at F.A.M.E. Worldwide in Miami, Fla., with an opening reception starting at 7p.m. EST. The 18,000 square-foot venue located at 2534 North Miami Ave, Wynwood, Fla., will demonstrate Caudio's versatility, skill and overall fascinatingly unsettling works in creative and colorful displays.

Caudio, also known by the moniker 'Meet Zoe Black'' beautiful images and stimulating motifs are inspired by pop culture and inconspicuously comments on the instability of the current social climate, specifically for people of color. He explores unconventional techniques such as multi-patterned paintings elevated with texture and depth using edible, vibrant candies. For example, Caudio's most famous piece "Beyoncé" features a youthful songstress with multiple colors, untraditional lines and the precise positioning of colorful Skittles candies is a driving force in captivating her raw emotions in the art.

"I'm pleased to have people from every type of background attend my first show to witness my works and experience the sweet side of my culture," said Caudio. "My hope is when others see me and other people of color they will relate it to something vibrant and sweet. It's important to me that everyone knows that different backgrounds of culture unified can make beautiful art."

Caudio's use of color is important and very explosive yet captivating in his works. For this show, every color will be intensified to not only entertain attendees but also draw them deeper into the art to experience the story behind each subject.

Tickets for the art show can be purchased at In addition to displaying amazing pop culture artwork using Skittle candies as a medium, the event will donate a portion of all its proceeds to several charities including A Helping Hand, Care for Chron's, WACO Theater, XXXtentacion Foundation, and Watch Kidz.

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